Autumn House Authors

Donnelly-Marilyn headshot

Marilyn Donnelly (1930-2018) lived in Pittsburgh.

Roberta P. Feins is a poet living in Seattle, WA.

Harrison Candelaria Fletcher is the author of two memoirs. He lives in Fort Collins, CO.

Sherrie Flick in an author living in Pittsburgh, PA.

Frank X. Gaspar is a poet living in Oregon.

Sarah Gerkensmeyer is an author living in Indiana.

Robert Gibb is a poet living in Homestead, PA.

Diane Goodman is an author and professor living in Phoenix, AZ.

Derek Green is the author of New World Order.

Sonia Greenfield is a poet and editor living in Los Angeles.

Corrinne Clegg Hales is a poet and professor living in Fresno, CA.

Samuel Hazo is a poet living in Pittsburgh, PA.

Mary Crockett Hill is an author living in Virginia.

John Hoerr was an author and journalist.

Andrea Hollander's latest release with Autumn House Press is Blue Mistaken for Sky.

Robert Isenberg is a freelance writer, playwright, photographer, stage performer, and documentary filmmaker.

Jill Kandel is a nonfiction writer living in Minnesota.

Victoria Kelly is an author living in Virginia.