Autumn House Authors

Sara R. Burnett is also the author of Mother Tongue,

Jay Carson is a poet living in Pittsburgh, PA.

Certo Headshot

Giuliana Certo is a Pittsburgh poet and educator.

Jennifer Conlon is from North Carolina and earned their MFA

S. Brook Corfman is a poet in a turret in Pittsburgh.

Ashley Cowger is a poet living in Harrisburg, PA.

Michael Credico is a fiction writer living in Cleveland, OH.

Melissa Cundieff is a poet living in St. Paul, MN.

J.D. Debris was born in Salem, MA. Formerly a touring musician and an amateur boxer, he currently works as a teaching artist in the Boston Public Schools.

Diego Gerard Morrison is a writer, editor, and translator who lives in Mexico City.

Sharon Dilworth is an author living in Pittsburgh, PA.

Donnelly-Marilyn headshot

Marilyn Donnelly (1930-2018) lived and wrote in Pittsburgh.

Liza Katz Duncan is the author of Given (Autumn House

Roberta P. Feins is a poet living in Seattle, WA.

Harrison Candelaria Fletcher is a memoirist living in Colorado.

Sherrie Flick in an author living in Pittsburgh, PA.

John Foy Author Photo

John Foy lives with his family in New York, where he works as a senior financial editor and poet.

Frank X. Gaspar is a poet living in Oregon.