Autumn House Authors: w

Born in Seattle in 1979, Julie Marie Wade earned a

Michael Walsh is a quuer poet living in Minneapolis.

Michael X. Wang immigrated to the United States when he was six and has lived in ten states.

Nicholas Ward is a personal essayist, arts administrator, and company member with 2nd Story, a storytelling community.

Monica Wendel is a Brooklyn-based poet and educator.

Patricia Jabbeh Wesley Author Photo

Patricia Jabbeh Wesley is a Liberian poet living in Pennsylvania.

Amie Whittemore is a poet and educator living in Tennessee.

Melissa Wiley Author Photo

Melissa Wiley grew up on a small farm in Indiana. Now she writes nonfiction.

Lori Wilson is the author of the poetry collections House Where a Woman and The Dream Women Called.

Wendy Wimmer writes from Wisconsin, under the strict supervision of