About Us

Welcome to Autumn House Press! We believe literature is an affirmation of the deep and elemental range of our human experience, and our need for it is as crucial now as it ever has been. Autumn House is committed to publishing first books and lesser-known authors who will become the important voices of their generation as well as the prominent writers of our age. We pledge to edit this work with devotion and care and to create beautiful books that are worthy of it.

We hope you’ll explore our selection of extraordinary poetryfictionnonfiction, and anthologies—for your own enjoyment, for classroom use, or as gifts for friends and colleagues. You can also learn about our annual Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction prizes and reading periods as well as our online journal, Coal Hill Review.

A Note on Publishing with Autumn House

At Autumn House, we see our relationships with our authors as partnerships. In that spirit, we work closely with our authors and support them in as many ways as we can, both during the editorial process and well beyond the book’s release. Starting in January 2020, Autumn House Press will offer all authors:

  • 35 authors copies from the first print run, 15 author copies from any additional print runs
  • 8 percent royalties on print titles and 15 percent on digital*
  • 50 percent discount when purchasing additional copies of your title; 40 percent off any additional AHP titles
  • Distribution through the University of Chicago Press
  • 30 print galleys sent to major reviewer outlets 5-6 months prior to publication
  • At least 20 finished review copies sent to reviewers and review outlets 1-3 months prior to publication; this list will be compiled with input from the author
  • A post-publication prize package
  • Book advertisements in prestigious journals such as Prairie Schooner, American Poetry Review, Women’s Review of Books, and more
  • Support and guidance with the promotion of the title
  • A pledge that your title will never go out of print

* royalties are paid on sales that are 50% of list price or greater, excluding author purchases