Below is our list of frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question on here, please feel free to email us at info@autumnhouse.org.

1.) Are you hiring editors, proofreaders, etc?
Not at this time

2.) Are you hiring designers?
Perhaps! Check out our opportunities page for more info. 

3.) Do you accept single poem, short story, and/or essay submissions?
No, Autumn House Press only publishes full-length books

4.) Do you screen blind/should submissions be anonymous?
No, but please don’t include your name anywhere on the actual MS. Include your name and contact info in the “cover letter” section of Submittable as well as a brief bio 

5.) Should you email your submission directly to one of our editors?
No, we do not accept submissions through email

6.) Can I submit if I know the judge?
Yes, the judges read the submissions blind

7.) Do you accept translated works?
Not as this time

8.) Do you accept international submissions?

9.) When will the winners be announced?
For the full-length contest: Beginning of September
For CHR: Beginning of December
For Rising Writer: Beginning of March

10.) Can I submit a collection of short stories rather than a novel?

11.) Do you accept self-published books?
We do!

12.) If a poem, short story, essay, etc. from my book has been published in a magazine, journal, etc., is my book still eligible?
Yes! Even if every single short story, essay, poem has been published in journals or magazines you are still able to submit it 

13.) If my book was published by a press and has now gone out of print, is it eligible?
It sure is

14.) Do you accept new and selected poetry collections?
Only if you own the rights to the selected work

15.) Should a prose MS be double spaced?
Yes, please

16.) Do you have a font preference?
No, as long as it’s legible and at least 10 point

17.) How long should my submission be?
For full-length poetry 50-80 pages
For prose 200-300
If you’re a little over or under (20-40 pages) we’ll still consider your MS

18.) Do you publish genre fiction?
No (this doesn’t mean your book can’t have elements of mystery, fantasy, romance, etc.)

19.) Do you publish YA or children’s books?

20.) Do you accept hybrid texts?
We’re open to the idea, but when submitting go with the best fit for the genre

21.) Do you accept co-authored works?
Sure, as long as all parties are submitting

22.) Do you offer feedback for authors?
Unfortunately, no

23.) Can I submit more than one MS?
Yes, you can submit as many as you’d like, but you will be required to pay a reading fee for each