Below is our list of frequently asked questions. If you don’t see your question here, please feel free to contact us directly!

Employment Inquiries 

1.) Are you hiring any editors, proofreaders, book designers, etc.?
No, we are not hiring at this time (this includes freelancers as well).  If this changes, we will list positions on our “Opportunities” page.

2.) Do you offer internships?
Autumn House currently offers internships that coincide with the academic calendar and rotate over spring, summer, and fall. Please see our “Opportunities” page for more information and how to apply.

3.) Do you offer remote internships?
In response to COVID-19, we are temporarily offering remote internships.

4.) Are there any volunteer opportunities with Autumn House?
Yes, there are several ways to get involved! Please email us your resume and what kind of work you’re interested in doing (ex. marketing, community outreach, etc.)


Ordering Inquiries

1.) Am I able to purchase your books online?
Yes. In addition to being available on our website, our books can be purchased on IndieBound, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, and on our distributor’s website. We hope you’ll consider purchasing your AHP title directly from us or our distributor. It’s the best way to support both the press and our authors.

2.) Do you provide examination and/or desk copies?
Yes. Please email our distributor and let them know which title you’re interested in teaching. It is also important you include the university, class, and class size in your request. Detailed ordering information can be found here.

3.) I’m considering reviewing an AHP title. Who should I contact?
Feel free to email our info account requesting a review title. We aim to respond to queries as soon as possible. In your note, please specify if you prefer a digital or physical copy and if you have a review venue in mind.


Submission Inquiries 

1.) Do you accept a single poem, short story, and/or essay submissions?
Autumn House Press only publishes full-length books, but please check out our online journal, Coal Hill Review, for guidelines on submitting single pieces.

2.) Who will be reading my submission?
All submissions will be read by members of the Autumn House editorial team, and all submissions are read by at least two readers.

3.) I accidentally submitted my manuscript with my name on it, what should I do?
Not a problem! Please just email us your updated manuscript without your name, and we can substitute the document for you.

4.) Do the pagelimit guidelines include the table of contents?
Yes, the guidelines are for the entire manuscript.

5.) My manuscript is longer than the suggested guidelines. May I still submit it?
We view our page-limit guidelines as a suggestion rather than a hard rule. If your prose book is over 400 pages, that is too long. If your poetry book is over 120 pages, that is too long.

6.) My manuscript is shorter than the suggested guidelines. May I still submit?
Yes, as long as your prose manuscript is at least 100 pages and your poetry manuscript is 48 pages, then you are welcome to submit it.

7.) Can I mail my submission to your office?
We ask that all submissions come through our submission manager, Submittable. However, if this is not possible, you may mail your submission to the office. We do ask that you read all our guidelines and contact us by email before sending. All paper submissions should be accompanied by an SASE.

8.) Can I email my submission?
No, we do not accept submissions through email. Any email submissions will be disregarded.

9.) Why does AHP charge reading fees?

As a small publisher, reading fees are necessary to continue the work that we do and to ensure our organization’s sustainability for the foreseeable future.

10.) I can’t afford the reading fee. Can it be waived? 
In order to keep our fees from potentially excluding writers, we are willing to waive the cost for those undergoing financial hardship or living within limited means. If the reading fees prevent you from sharing your writing with us, we encourage you to reach out—no explanation necessary—and we’ll step you through the submission process. We offer these waivers on an honor system basis and ask that you please be considerate when requesting one as we cap the number of waived submissions we accept at 25 per prize.

11.) Is my work a good fit for Autumn House?
We are open to all styles of poetry, fiction, and nonfiction, and the best way to know if your work is something we might want to publish is to read one of our books. We encourage writers from all backgrounds to submit; it is our goal at Autumn House to develop a rich and varied literary tradition.

12.) Should I submit a book proposal with my manuscript?
No. We evaluate each manuscript we receive on the merit of the writing alone.

13.) Can I email you a pitch for my book?
No, at this time, we are only able to accept finished manuscripts during our scheduled reading period.

14.) Can I email you a proposal for an anthology or New and Selected collection?
At this time, we are not accepting any anthology proposals or proposals for New and Selected collections.

15.) Can my agent send a book?
Yes, we accept agented submissions from July to December (while our full-length contests are open, we do not). We also ask that your agent explains in their cover letter why they feel Autumn House is the right fit for your book. Agents NB: at this time, Autumn House does not offer advances.

16.) Can I submit if I know the judge or the editors?
Friends, family members, and former students of judges or Autumn House editors may not submit to the contest. Students do not include interactions at short-term residencies or fellowships. Former employees of Autumn House, including interns, may not submit to contests. We strive to run our contests ethically and subscribe to CLMP’s guidelines. We encourage you to reach out if you are uncertain whether your past relationship with a judge or member of the Autumn House staff might constitute a conflict of interest.

17.) Do you accept translated works?
We are currently unable to accept works in translation.

18.) Do you accept international submissions?
We welcome work from international writers, though they must be submitted in English.

19.) If my book was published by a press and has now gone out of print is it eligible for submission?
Yes, please reach out to us directly to discuss this.

20.) Do you accept self-published books?
No, we do not consider previously self-published books.

21.) If a poem, short story, essay, etc. from my book has been published in a magazine, journal, etc., is my book still eligible?

22.) Do you have a font preference?
Any legible serif font (ex. Times New Roman, Garamond, Perpetua) that is at least 11 points in size.

23.) Should my work be single- or double-spaced?
For prose manuscripts, we do ask that you double-space for ease of reading. We suggest poetry manuscripts be single-spaced unless spacing is important to the form.

24.) Do you publish genre work?
Autumn House does not publish genre work; however, this certainly doesn’t mean your book can’t have elements of mystery, fantasy, romance, etc.

25.) Do you publish YA or children’s books?
No, Autumn House does not publish any YA or children’s books. While we value books created for a younger generation, our books are meant for an adult audience.

26.) Do you accept hybrid texts?
Yes, we accept hybrid texts. If you are hoping to submit to a full-length prize, please pick the genre that most aligns with the manuscript’s work. The open call period is also a great time to submit a hybrid text.

27.) Do you accept co-authored works?
Yes, as long as all parties are submitting.

28.) Do you offer feedback for authors?
Unfortunately, no. As much as we’d love to offer personal feedback on the work we receive, the staff is too small at this time to do so.

29.) Am I able to submit more than one manuscript?
Yes, you can submit as many as you’d like, but you will be required to pay a reading fee for each.