Autumn House Authors

John Hoerr was an author and journalist.

Andrea Hollander Author Photo

Andrea Hollander is a poet living in Portland, Oregon.

Robert Isenberg is a teacher, artist, and freelance writer.

Lori Jakiela is an author living in Pittsburgh, PA.

Jill Kandel is a nonfiction writer living in Minnesota.

Charles Kell is a writer living in Rhode Island.

Victoria Kelly is an author living in Virginia.

Maxwell King is a poet and journalist living in Westmoreland County, PA.

Elizabeth Kirschner is a poet living in Kittery, Maine.

Dickson Lam is an author and educator living in Oakland, CA.

Danusha Laméris is a poet living in Santa Cruz, California.

Miriam Levine is a poet living in Massachusetts and Florida.

Sam Ligon is an author, editor, and professor in Spokane, WA.

Ada Limón is a freelance writer and the author of five books of poetry.

Anne Marie Macari is an essayist and the author of four books of poetry.

Gigi Marks

Gigi Marks is a poet and instructor living in Ithaca, New York.

Paul Martin is a poet living in Ironton, PA.

Katherine McCord is a poet and essayist living in Maryland.