Winners of the Rising Writer Prizes Announced!

April 8, 2021

Autumn House congratulates the winners of our 2021 Rising Writer Prizes in Poetry and Fiction


Poetry Winner: The Gardens of Our Childhoods by John Belk, selected by Matthew Dickman

Fiction Winner: Myth of Pterygium by Diego Gerard Morrison, selected by Maryse Meijer


We’re so pleased to publish these debut books in March 2022. Thanks to judges, Matthew Dickman and Maryse Meijer, for all their hard work! 


We’d also like to congratulate the finalists and the semi-finalists for their incredible manuscripts. Thank you to everyone who submitted. We’re grateful for the opportunity to have gotten to read your work, and we are wishing you success.




Femme D’Interieur by Stephanie Berger

the swailing by Patrick Errington

The Linen Spells by Sara Fetherolf

Swan Hammer: An Instructor’s Guide to Mirrors by Maggie Graber

Water Boundaries by Ethan Heusser

It’s not over once you figure it out by Isaac Pickell

Ghost Family by Suzanne Manizza Roszak



Smaller Lives by Whitney Lawson

How do you like these bad days? by Maggie Smith

Ore Vein by Danilo Thomas




What Good Is Heaven by Raye Hendrix

otherhood by Emily Hunerwadel

Facing the Mirror: An Essay by Katherine Indermaur

Arcanum by Elisa Karbin

Seasons of Dust by Daniel Moysaenko

Spoon for a Sparrow, a Wolf, a Girl by E.B. Schnepp

Specter by Tori Sharpe

Public House by Dylan Weir



Thanks for This Riot by Janelle Bassett

The Last of the Light and Other Stories by Alexander Joseph

The Familiar Dark by Tyler McAndrew

History’s Best Wishes by Keene Short


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