Winners of the 2021 Autumn House Full-Length Prizes Announced!

Autumn House is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction Prizes

September 17, 2021


POETRY: Seed Celestial by Sara Burnett, selected by Eileen Myles

FICTION: Entry Level by Wendy Wimmer, selected by Deesha Philyaw

NONFICTION: The Running Body by Emily Pifer, selected by Steve Almond

We’re so honored to be publishing manuscripts by these incredible authors. Their books will be released in Fall 2022. 



We’d also like to congratulate the following finalists and semifinalists for their wonderful manuscripts and offer appreciation to everyone who submitted this year. 



The Traveling of Sound by Tara Ballard

Canoe of Stars by Bruce Bond

No Name Machine by Caroline Chavatel

Some Instinctive Need of Distance and Blue by C. J. A.

Small Things at all Hours by Kay Cosgrove

Another Sky by Ryler Dustin

Mother, Float by Ellen Elder

Vore by James Ellenberger

Sister Tongue by Farnaz Fatemi

Black Swan Theory by Samantha Grenrock

Beehive State by Christian Gullette

What Good Is Heaven by Raye Hendrix

Against Indulgences by Michael Homolka

Perish / Abolish by Mia Kang

An improvised song is likely to come apart and scatter in infinite directions by Nawal Nader

Hour Song by Katie Naughton

THINE by Kate Partridge

Blur by Doug Ramspeck

The Undrowned World by Austen Leah Rose

Hymn Gasoline by Philip Schaefer

Quench by Brandon Thurman

The New Crucifix by Alejandro Villa Vasquez

A Real Man Would Have a Gun by Stacey Waite

Public House by Dylan Weir



As If You Had a Say by Jennifer Fliss

The Ghosts in the Glen by Kerry Jones

Behind the Higher Hill: A Novel by Bradford Kammin

Behold the Birds of the Heaven by Michael Keen



After We Drowned by Jill Goldberg

Nothing to Declare by Edward Hamlin

The Man with A Camera Eye by Xiaoqiu Qiu

Free Ms. Greene by Jan Richman

Vexing Gifts by Rudy Ruiz



The Long Hallway by Richard Larson

The Truth About Unringing Phones: Essays on Yearning by Lara Lillibridge

Year Thirteen by Deborah Thompson

Breathing, One Adult by Robin Troy



An Argument with My Mother About the Existence of God by Andrew Bertaina

The Mango Chronicle by Ricardo Gonzalez-Rothi

The Itch and the Touch by Evan Lavender-Smith

Spare by Michelle Lewis

Spirography by Cara Stoddard

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