Winners of the 2019 Autumn House Full-Length Contests Announced!

September 16, 2019

Autumn House is pleased to announce the winners of this year’s Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction Contests!


under the aegis of a winged mind by makalani bandele, selected by Cornelius Eady, poetry

Further News of Defeat: Stories by Michael X. Wang, selected by Aimee Bender, fiction

Skull Cathedral: A Life of Vestigial Organs by Melissa Wiley, selected by Paul Lisicky, nonfiction

We’re so honored to be publishing manuscripts by these talented authors! We’d also like to thank our screeners and judges for all their hard work this year.


We’d also like to congratulate the following runners-up and finalists for their wonderful manuscripts:


Poetry: Birds of Prey by M. Soledad Caballero & Salvation Party by Philip Schaefer

Fiction: Absolute Music by Jonathan Monroe Geltner & The Beforeland by Corinna Vallianatos

Nonfiction: Heir to the Crescent Moon by Sufiya Abdur-Rahman

  • The Punishments Must Be a School by Emily August
  • Like We Still Speak by Danielle Badra
  • Spoil by Alyse Bensel
  • How Clearly You Can see Some Nights by Katie Chaple
  • Movable Orchard by Patty Crane
  • Tapetum Lucidum by James Ellenberger
  • Fractures by Carlos Gómez
  • Wind Answers by Kate Kernan
  • Hypergraphia by Jennifer Metsker
  • I Thought There Would Be More Wolves by Sara Ryan
  • Funeral for a Professional Mourner by D.E. St. John
  • Place Where Presence Was by Bret Shepard
  • The Public by Patrick Swaney
  • Foxlogic, Fireweed by Jennifer Sweeney
  • Sum Ledger by Adam Tavel
  • A Different Man by Tobias Wray
  • Drafting by Z.G. Tomaszewski
  • Relatable Influence by Bradley Bazzle
  • Sunday Sermon by Edward Black
  • Legerdemain by Andi Boyd
  • Hermosa by Marisa P. Clark
  • Out Stealing Water by Roxanne Lynn Doty
  • Residential Units by Marcie Friedman
  • Rescue and Other Relationships by Theo Greenblatt
  • Little Black Holes by Heather Harms
  • Missives from the Mountain View Hostage Crisis by Michael Keen
  • No Diving Allowed: Stories by Louise Marburg
  • The Part That Burns by Jeannine Ouellette
  • Winter Skies by Doug Ramspeck
  • Peripheral Vision by Alan Sincic
  • Heart-Shaped Box by April Bailey
  • In the Lake, Before Dark: Essays by Joshua Bernstein
  • Apophenia: Essays by Patrick Crerand
  • I’ll Make Room, Essays on Losing, Looking, and Finding by Brandel France de Bravo
  • The End of Tennessee by Rachel M. Hanson
  • Where People Are People by Toni Mirosevich
  • If I Hung the Moon by Devon Raymond
  • Where the Water Is by Anjoli Roy
  • American Lonely: Motherloss, Memory, and the Landscapes of Home by Alison Townsend
  • Masters in This Hall: a quiet girlhood by Melora Wolff
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