Winners of the 2018 Full-Length Contests Announced!

Autumn House is thrilled to share with you our winners and finalists for the 2018 Poetry, Fiction, and Nonfiction Contest!

October 14, 2018



Cage of Lit Glass by Charles Kell, selected by Kimiko Hahn, poetry

Not Dead Yet and Other Stories by Hadley Moore, selected by Dana Johnson, fiction

Limited by Body Habitus: An American Fat Story by Jennifer Blevins, selected by Daisy Hernández, nonfiction



Rules for Rearrangement by Julie Babcock, poetry

How to Walk on Water and Other Stories by Rachel Swearingen, fiction

Lady Without Land by Krystal Vazquez, nonfiction

Remembering Water by Tuan Phan, nonfiction




Poetry Fiction Nonfiction
Animal Border by Shankar Narayan Cleavage by Michele Ruby All the Leavings by Laurie Easter
Dark Traffic by Joan Naviyuk Kane Fables of the Deconstruction by Damian Dressick Awake in the Dream House by Mary Allen
Ghost Town by Allison Adair Him and Her by Lena Ziegler Candy Cigarettes: Essays by Anne Panning
Code by Charlotte Pence Hot Mess by Beth Johnson In Josaphat’s Valley by Joshua Bernstein
Bluefield by Jennifer Bartell How the Mind Can Exist in a Physical Universe: Stories by Stefani Nellen My Small Murders by Ron Tanner
Dawn’s Early by Gloria Muñoz Jenny in Corona by Stuart Ross On Our Way Home from the Revolution by Sonya Bilocerkowycz (withdrawn)
Blueprints by Sarah Burke Missives from the Mountain View Hostage Crisis by Michael Keen Otherwise: Essays by Julie Marie Wade
The Punishments Must Be a School by Emily August More Like Home Than Home by Anca Szilagyl Terroir: Essays on Otherness by Natasha Sajé
It Was All a Mistake and I’m Not a Woman by Rebecca Lehmann No King in Israel by Anthony Otten The Angle of Flickering Light by Gina Troisi
Women in the Waiting Room by Kirun Kapur No Roads Home by Jay Ellis
The Falls by Emily Mohn-Slate The Importance of Dead Girls by Nancy Scott Hanway
Ash Sonata by Steve Bellin-Oka The West House by Erik Dussere
Through a Small Ghost by Chelsea Dingman Welcome to Wisdom, Utah by Darrell Spencer
Frozen Charlotte by Susan de Sola (withdrawn)
These Waters by John Belk
Sum Ledger by Adam Tavel
Stone Deep by John A. Nieves
Little What by Jeff Oaks
Creep Love by Michael Walsh


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