Wendy Wimmer featured on Wisconsin Public Radio

December 9, 2022

Thanks to Doug Gordon for featuring AHP author Wendy Wimmer of WPR’s program “BETA.” Wendy and Doug talk about jobs and writing, giving readers insight into how Wendy developed her debut collection, Entry Level, and she reads an excerpt from the book. During the interview, Wimmer says:

I think that life is really difficult to get out of without a little bit of damage. So I think of them as imperfect—as we all are—and oftentimes damaged by the universe that is maybe predatory or at best, you know, disregards them. But I also see them as having hope. They’re being strong, they’re surviving. They’re finding a way to make it work, even though the system is kind of against them.

Listen to the full interview on WPR’s site here.

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