The Coil runs review of Thank Your Lucky Stars!

The Human Experience: On Sherrie Flick's "Thank Your Lucky Stars"

September 11, 2018

Below is a brief excerpt from Sean Faulk’s review of Sherrie Flick’s Thank Your Lucky Stars. The review was originally published on The Coil on September 10, 2108. To read the full review, visit their site here.

One of the most important aspects of literature is that it has the ability to hold a mirror to humanity and make people look inside themselves. People lead busy lives in a fast-paced world and rarely take the time to examine their innermost selves. Sherrie Flick’s Thank Your Lucky Stars is one of those books that focuses on people’s thoughts and feelings, such as love, loss, and a need to escape. One way she accomplishes this is by focusing on everyday people, unlike much of fiction today. The reader isn’t facing a hardened police detective with a dark past or a movie star in a desperate situation. The characters in these stories could be anyone found on the street.

Many of the stories are character-driven instead of action-driven. These aren’t stories about world-changing events, but more about individual people coming to a self-realization. The interesting concept with these stories is that these acts of self-reflection feel just as important as the high-tension dramatic events seen in other popular novels and movies.

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