Thank Your Lucky Stars reviewed in Split Lip Magazine

October 10, 2018

Below is a brief excerpt of a review by Kathryn McMahon for Split Lip Magazine. Read the full review here!

Thank Your Lucky Stars, which Flick herself calls the flip side of Whiskey, Etc., contain the briefest flickers of micros, as in the fable-like “Crickets” where a few sentences contain an entire world, as well as short stories of several pages. Nothing feels squeezed or stretched. Every word and detail shines in its place. In all, there are four sections of fifty stories scattered across America and beyond. We’re sent pinging back and forth from San Francisco to Nebraska, and then we’re off on a train ride in “Czechoslovakia” or touching down in Wyoming and Kansas. We “reverse pioneer” when we’re transplanted to Boston and stand on a hill searching for just the right perspective, searching for the right way forward.

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