Starred Review of Wendy Wimmer’s Entry Level by Kirkus Reviews

July 11, 2022

Thanks to Kirkus Reviews for its starred review of Wendy Wimmer’s debut collection of short stories, Entry Level. Taking note of Wimmer’s worldbuilding and her talent for pushing the boundaries of reality, creating stories that are funny, fantastic, and at times terrifying, the review notes:

“The far-from-superfluous details bring Wimmer’s characters to life and add a layer of authenticity, convincing readers that the author knows what she is talking about (whether the topic is used car salesmanship, roller rink playlists, or the duties of sleep lab technicians). The elements of magical realism are presented without fanfare, and Wimmer succeeds in creating a world where they are entirely plausible.”

To read the full review, visit Kirkus Reviews’ website.

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