Sherrie Flick’s story “What It Would Look Like” featured on Lit Hub

September 8, 2018

Below is an excerpt from Sherrie Flick’s “What It Would Look Like” from her collection, Thank Your Lucky Stars. The full story is featured on Lit Hub! Check it out here

I say, “So. This is what you call dinner?”

You turn quickly and say, “Dinner. Lunch. What do you want from me?”

I say, “I call them how I see them. You’re out of focus, as usual.”

I sharpen a knife. Soon you slam a drawer and are driving a meat cleaver hard into the cutting board to make a point.

We’re cool. I throw my shoulders back—you set your feet firmly apart. You’re pointing the knife in my direction. In the audience, I’m suspecting one of us might die. This is how cool we are.

I say, “Dinner is only as good as the person making it.” Then I tilt my head and swing my hair slowly over my shoulder. I say, “So. How good are you?”

You say, “I guess you’ll see when the time comes.”

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