Salamander reviews Lori Wilson’s poetry collection

March 9, 2022

Thanks to Susan Shaw Sailer for this lovely review of Lori Wilson’s second collection, The Dream Women Called, in the newest issue of Salamander Magazine. Of the book, Sailer writes:

Lori Wilson’s second poetry collection, The Dream Women Called, focuses on a woman’s experience—girlhood expectations, love and sexuality, motherhood and daughterhood, and parental inadequacies, among other things. In nearly all these poems, sometimes foregrounded, sometimes backgrounded, nature offers refuge, renewal, and occasionally, uncertainty. In lines that are precise and musical, these poems express a unique vulnerability and determination—in particular, the determination to construct an adequate self when the self feels broken or lacks a center.

To read the full review, visit Salamander’s website here, or, purchase their newest issue, which is available here!

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