Salamander Magazine reviews Hadley Moore’s Not Dead Yet and Other Stories

December 19, 2019

Katie Sticca’s review of Not Dead Yet in the new issue of Salamander is so good. Sticca’s insights into Hadley’s work are spot-on; she gets this book.

The characters of these nine stories, while from wildly different backgrounds, echo this same confused vulnerability: what is their purpose, while they’re still here? For many of these characters, the solution is to merely survive, to wait life out, and see what happens in the meantime. From a child masking his misery at his father’s imprisonment by emphatically grieving a pet parrot, to a sedated woman in a group home who latches on to a disturbing lifelike doll, the characters in Not Dead Yet are each reacting to the life being thrust at them in their own surprising way.

Enjoy the full review here.

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