Rebecca Foust writes spectacular review of selected poems by Andrea Hollander in Women’s Voices for Change

July 17, 2019


blue mistaken for sky - hollander cover

Andrea Hollander’s poetry has been recognized for its beauty in Women’s Voices for Change. Poet Rebecca Foust gave Hollander’s writing a lovely and insightful review, particularly regarding her “devastating” and “moving” poems in Blue Mistaken for Sky. Foust discusses Hollander’s poems “A Story about the Heart,” “Betrayals,” and “Bed” in her article, which you can read in its entirety here. We hope you enjoy the following excerpt from Foust’s article.

I recommend Blue Mistaken for Sky for all kinds of readers. Each poem is brilliantly crafted, spare free verse that uses amazing images as vehicles for the intense emotions felt by the speaker, speaking not just to people abandoned in breakups but to those who have suffered life’s inevitable disappointments and betrayals—all of us, that is.

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