Presence includes an beautiful review of Sheryl St. Germain’s newest poetry collection

"In lieu of romanticizing the loss, of packaging it among the freight of symbolism, St. Germain is spare in the face of unimaginable grief."

July 10, 2020

Cydnee Devereaux’s truly insightful review of Sheryl St. Germain’s The Small Door of Your Death appears in the 2020 issue of Presence: A Journal of Catholic Poetry. Devereaux captures the pain and beauty of St. Germain’s words, and we really appreciate the time and attention she’s given this collection.

The narrative lyricism of The Small Door of Your Death is a freshly-cast spell. It is incantatory and prayer-like. There is a thin and careful line upon which Sheryl St. Germain wields and balances her language, knowing always when to show restraint, when to shroud and when to reveal. The Small Door of Your Death is a guide and, not unlike the ace of swords, a reaver that provides clarity and breakthrough.

While the full piece isn’t available online, we hope you’ll consider purchasing a copy of the journal.

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