Patricia Jabbeh Wesley’s Praise Song for My Children receives review from the Compulsive Reader

April 13, 2020

In her review of Patricia Jabbeh Wesley’s Praise Song for My Children, Mary Ellen Talley beautifully captures the hope and resilience that Patricia’s writing embodies in poems that promise story and revival. A short excerpt of the review is included below, but we hope you’ll head over to the Compulsive Reader to read the full piece.

Both the spirit and imprint of her Liberian homeland resonate in Patricia Jabbeh Wesley’s sixth collection, Praise Song for My Children. Spanning publication years 1998 – 2020, Wesley’s oeuvre highlights the challenging lives of immigrants while honoring the poet’s ethnic Grebo culture. Depiction of cruel outcomes of the Liberian Civil War bring history to life as she strives to make sure memories are not lost. 

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