Out of Order reviewed by the Los Angeles Review of Books

April 1, 2022

Thanks to the Los Angeles Review of Books for this in-depth review of Alexis Sears’s debut collection, Out of Order (winner of the 2021 Donald Justice Poetry Prize). We particularly appreciate how the reviewer Maryann Corbett notes and engages with the formal aspect of Alexis’s work. For instance, Corbett notes:

By the time I reach “Notes to Self” in the fourth section, I’m growing antsy with the disjointed, unmetered struggle to heal — and then, in a miracle of pacing, the book gives me “Daughters,” a clear pentameter celebration of the Sewanee poets’ conference, and at last a tentative claim to wellness: “Maybe now I’m clean, / absolved, a different woman, finally seen.”

To read the full review, be sure to head over to LARB’s site.

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