Murmur reviewed in Pittsburgh Post-Gazette

March 4, 2024

Thanks to Tahirah J. Walker for her thoughtful review of Cameron Barnett’s newest poetry collection, Murmur, in the Pittsburgh Post-Gazette. In her review, Walker writes:

Open Murmur and be prepared for its thoughtfully crafted forms, sparkling enjambments, and searingly true lines. It is clear why Barnett’s first book made him an NAACP Image Award Finalist and why this one cements him as a voice of his generation calling attention to the “fear, like too many Black men, that a heart is not enough / to keep me alive.”

Barnett offers intense introspection about bloodlines and the people in his family who have made his life, his memories and his work possible. We get soft rich portraits like “Grandpa’s Gavel” and “Ghost Lessons,’’ where the motifs of the piece — concerned with sewing, seams and what pins a family together — explore the shared humanity revealed throughout the generations.

To read the full review, visit the Post-Gazette‘s website.

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