Michael Wang’s Further News of Defeat in Story366

October 12, 2020

Autumn House is pleased to share that Michael Wang‘s debut short story collection Further News of Defeat has appeared in Story366. In this review of Further News of Defeat, Michael Czyzniejewski notes how Michael Wang has adeptly interwoven harrowing historical events such as the Nanjing Massacre in stories where characters come to know both struggle and defeat. Here’s an excerpt:

These stories, about Chinese and Chinese-Americans, reveal a specific perspective on love, loss, tragedy, and triumph. The characters seem to face drastic choices, and because he’s a good storyteller, Wang doesn’t lead them down the right paths, knowing there’s a much better tale down the wrong turn.

Autumn House is grateful to Michael Czyzniejewski for this great review of Further News of Defeat. Read the full review here.

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