Michael Credico featured in Monkeybicycle’s “If My Book” series

April 21, 2020

Michael Credico writes about his short story collection Heartland Calamitous in an entertaining and punchy way for Monkeybicycle‘s “If My Book” series. The series features authors comparing their recently released books to weird things as a unique way to shed light on their writing and creative process. Credico’s signature wit and dark humor are truly an ideal match for this experimental series. Here’s a glimpse:

If Heartland Calamitous were a book, it would throw its drinking glass at the wall, frustrated because it already is a book, and that just isn’t enough.

If Heartland Calamitous were a walked-into-a-bar joke, it would be to replace its drink.

“Isn’t that why the chicken crossed the road?” the bartender says.

Heartland Calamitous holds up its empty, broken drinking glass.

“What’ll it be?”

“Something regular and unexploded.”

“Everything here is regular, sure, but nothing’s been exploded, so there’s nothing to unexplode. The best I can do is shaken a little. Maybe an overpour onto your lap.”

Read the full piece here!

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