makalani bandele’s under the aegis of a winged mind reviewed by Good River Review

May 20, 2021

under the aegis of a winged mind front coverWe’re excited to share that Good River Review recently reviewed makalani bandele‘s under the aegis of a winged mind, winner of the 2019 Autumn House Poetry Prize. Of Bandele’s second full-length collection, reviewer Lynnell Edwards writes:

under the aegis of a winged mind is a book that rewards and rewards again with each reading. These poems that skitter and roll across the page in long or short staggered lines, their composition rivaling a jazz syntax, sing something new every time we experience them. White space syncopated against breath pulses the stanzas, and the whole jam pushes and pulls you into the bop at the end of the world.

Autumn House is grateful to Lynnell Edwards and Good River Review for taking the time to get to know Bandele’s work. You can read the full review here.

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