Jennifer Conlon Interviewed by Southern Review of Books

January 24, 2024

Thanks to Erin Hoover of the Southern Review of Books for this lovely interview with AHP poet Jennifer Conlon. Erin and Jennifer discuss Jennifer’s debut collection, Taking to Water. Of the development of the collection, Jennifer says:

In so many ways, I wrote this book with the advice to “write the book you needed as a kid.” So I’m imagining readers who recognize the experiences of growing up queer in a religious South and also readers who might have gone fishing as a kid and felt something weird in their tummy about it all. I also felt uncomfortable in academia as a Southerner with an accent, so in part, it’s in resistance that I chose to let that language live on the page and not over-explain or translate for non-Southerners.

To read the full interview, visit the Southern Review of Books‘ website!

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