Ishmael Mask Reviewed in Colorado Review

May 31, 2024

Thanks to Jami Macarty and the Colorado Review for this lovely and in-depth review of Charles Kell’s Ishmael Mask. Of the collection, Macarty wrote:

In the poems, some masks are emotional or psychological. Other masks are theatrical or literary. Melville, Kafka, Shakespeare, and Homer, among other writers, philosophers, and painters, perform the role of interlocutors. The setting of the poems in the Midwest’s cold season offers both ambiance and context: “Each day in Ohio / is winter and more winter.” In Ohio, the poet negotiates with his past self, shame, and crimes, and he negotiates with time and death—those experiences and relationships that mold the various masks of identity.

To read the full review, check out the CR‘s website. You can also read Jami’s review of Charles’s first book, Cage of Lit Glass, here.

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