Heavy Feather Review reviews Dennis James Sweeney’s In the Antarctic Circle

May 28, 2021


We’re excited to share that Heavy Feather Review recently reviewed Dennis James Sweeney‘s In the Antarctic Circle, winner of the 2020 Autumn House Rising Writer Contest. Reviewer Marin Killen writes of the blank landscape that Sweeney conjures through his prose poetry:

The Arctic, it seems, is a surprisingly relevant landscape for discussions of current events. Many will relate deeply to the call for change (environmental and otherwise) that Sweeney has woven into his white world. As an addition to the already extensive literary discussions of whiteness, the collection manages to lace history with the ability to conceptualize and imagine whiteness in a new way. Politics and history lurk in each poem as “ancient lies rise and gather blackly at the ceiling.”

We are grateful to Marin Killen and Heavy Feather Review for this insightful review of Sweeney’s work. Read the full review here.

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