Heartland Calamitous by Michael Credico in Story366

October 14, 2020

Michael Czyzniejewski’s review of Heartland Calamitous by Michael Credico is almost as fun to read as the stories themselves.

In this review, it’s apparent that the absurdism in Michael Credico’s flash fiction is worth relishing. Here’s an excerpt:

I think I used the word ‘offbeat’ earlier, and that’s one way to describe what Michael Credico does in Heartland Calamitous. A more accurate way of looking at them is ‘unique,’ as Credico’s voice is unlike anything I’ve quite read before, a mixture of surrealism, despair, frustration, and comedy that adds up to a pretty marvelous whole.

We’re grateful to Michael Czyzniejewski at Story366 for taking the time to engage with Michael Credico’s work! Read the full review here.

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