Hadley Moore Interviewed by Deborah Kalb

September 5, 2019

We are loving this new interview with short story writer Hadley Moore. This exchange completely captures Hadley’s sharp wit and sly humor. A huge thanks to Deborah for her insightful questions.

Below we included one of our favorite quotes from the interview, but we hope you’ll read the entire piece here.

Q: Do you see common themes running through your work?

A: Well, existential dread! And gallows humor.

I don’t write autobiographically (not a stance, just a statement), but I can see my obsessions coming out in my work. Broadly, these include death and loss, and the terror that comes from confronting (or not confronting) those; race; family; voice and who gets to speak; secrets and why they’re kept; and bizarre or idiosyncratic religiosity.

Also, there is something about names and naming in many of these stories—who is named at all, or by whom, and how.

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