Glassworks Magazine reviews Cherene Sherrard’s Grimoire

June 8, 2021

Grimoire Front Cover

We’re excited to share that Glassworks Magazine recently reviewed Grimoire, Cherene Sherrard‘s second full-length collection. Media Editor Julianna Holshue delves into the subject of Black motherhood and systemic racism that Sherrard raises in her poetry:

The voices of Grimoire’s speakers recall their experiences of loss before or during childbirth due to complications stemming from the physical to social, such as genetic factors and the past and present racism steeped in America’s healthcare system. Systemic racism is further explored in the second half of the collection, which is prefaced with “the grim statistics/of racial math” as Sherrard puts it in the first two lines of “Oracle at Venice Beach, 1995,” one of the poems in the latter half of her collection. It is important to note that Sherrard takes inspiration from Black creators and mothers before her, and in her poems, she explores the deep, ancestral pain of Black mothers in America through baking imagery, corruption and slavery language, and miscarriage and devastation comparisons.

We are grateful to Julianna Holshue and Glassworks Magazine for shedding light on Cherene’s work. Read the full review here.

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