Fee Waiver Guidelines

In order to keep our fees from potentially excluding writers, we are willing to waive the cost for those undergoing financial hardship or living within limited means. If the reading fees prevent you from sharing your writing with us, we encourage you to reach out—no explanation necessary—and we’ll step you through the submission process. We offer these waivers on a first come, first serve basis and ask that you please be considerate when requesting a waiver as we cap the number of waived submissions at 25 per prize.

To request a waived reading fee please use the following guidelines:

  1. Email us and use the subject “Request for Free Entry – NAME OF PRIZE”
  2. Within the body of your email, please include the title of your book and the email address associated with your Submittable account. If this information does not match the work submitted, the manuscript will be declined.

Please note: You can only receive one waived entry per contest, and you may not submit a manuscript for someone else or share the waived fee with anyone. When submitting your book, please follow all guidelines for the particular prize you are submitting to.