Diego Gerard Morrison’s debut novel reviewed by the Masters Review

March 29, 2022

Thanks to the Masters Review for the first review of Myth of Ptyergium by Diego Gerard Morrison. This stunning debut novella was the winner of AHP’s 2021 Rising Writer Prize in Fiction, selected by Maryse Meijer, and was just released last week. We appreciate this reviewer’s balanced approach and close reading of Diego’s work. Of the book, he writes:

It is a visceral and tactile landscape, given to us with a near nonchalant acceptance of the inevitable. In the same way that the disease which is inching across Arthur’s eye is slowly blinding him, so too is Mexico City being slowly covered by a layer of pollution which is close to blocking out the sun. The streets are jammed with traffic which goes nowhere, spewing only more ash and dirt into the air, and as the novel continues, there is a sense there is only one way left for this city to go: pop. But what makes Morrison’s debut exciting is his ability to tread the line between the mundane and the terrible. The common and the frightening. The writing is razor sharp, able to dance between the narrator’s exasperation in the face of a hack writer and his fear and anxiety as he juggles his family and gun-running cartels.

To read the full review, please visit the Masters Review website here.

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