Cherene Sherrard’s Grimoire reviewed at

January 15, 2021

Grimoire Front CoverDuring this difficult time, Autumn House is heartened by this wonderful review by Heather Swan of Cherene Sherrard‘s newest poetry collection Grimoire at On Cherene Sherrard’s Grimoire Swan writes:

In this historical moment, when the streets are filled with upraised fists and songs about justice, with marches fueled by rage over the horrific death of George Floyd, with murals quoting MLK, Baldwin, and Angelou covering our buildings, we need the poetry of Cherene Sherrard more than ever. Not because the story she weaves is new—a story about being a Black woman and mother in her beguiling, hard-hitting, and beautiful new book of poems Grimoire—but rather because it is not new.

We are grateful to Heather Swan and for shedding light on Cherene’s work. Read the full review on

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