Check out this great interview with S. Brook Corfman

May 15, 2019

S. Yarberry did a lovely interview with AHP’s S. Brook Corfman over at Hell’s Printing Press. They discuss the process of writing Luxury, Blue Lace as well as the poems of William Blake. Below we included one of our favorite quotes from the interview, but we hope you’ll read the entire piece here.

One question I have been thinking about in my own work, which I cannot answer for you now, is, What am I resistant to in prosody and form? In the prose poem, which I love, there is still that rhythm to the language, but you really have to work for it, since you don’t get those same markers as you do with rhyme and stanzas, but that doesn’t mean they aren’t there. I think Blake and I have that in common—we both ask a lot of our readers. Rhyme is a good way to think about a big difference in our styles: Blake gives you a lot of sensory information—the visuals, the words, rhyme, stanzas, symbols. When reading Blake one must think about how to hold these components together—since each alone is so bright. My writing is more reticent—it asks you to come forward, to let the components come together. Pointillism, maybe, like one poem notes.

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