Charles Kell interviewed in South Florida Poetry Journal

February 25, 2024

Charles Kell, author of Ishmael Mask and Cage of Lit Glass, was recently reviewed by W.J. Herbert for South Florida Poetry Journal. Charles and W.J. talk in-depth about the poems from Ishmael and how they compare with Charles’s previous work. We love the insights Charles shares,

I believe in my bones that there is no more optimistic act than writing a poem, drawing a picture, playing music, practicing and creating any type of art. Writing is everything; every text, to me, is a letter of some sort, an epistle. I’ve written letters all my life, and still do, albeit less frequently. I wonder, often, are prisoners the last letter writers? The very act, the time, the commitment it takes to piece and stitch a manuscript together, it’s such an act of love, of devotion and optimism; also, no book is ever made in a vacuum, books are always acts of collaboration.

To read this full interview, check out the SFJP website.

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