Charles Kell interviewed for Words Without Borders’s City and the Writer Series

"The City and the Writer: In Toledo, Ohio with Charles Kell"

March 12, 2020

We’re are in love with Charles Kell and Nathalie Handal’s discussion about Toledo, Ohio. Charles’s AHP collection Cage of Lit Glass engages deeply with people and places in Ohio, and as his publishers, it’s wonderful to read more about his development as a writer. The interview itself reads like poetry:

Toledo is a city marked with scratches, indentations, ashes of other cities, shadows, fugitive trails, clouds of smoke, dust, and slamming doors. Toledo is the city where I slowly began to no longer feel like a failure, a loser; where the seeds of my aesthetics were tentatively planted; it is my interstice.

Check out the full piece here.


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