Carry You by Glori Simmons in Story366

October 1, 2020

Autumn House is pleased that Glori Simmons‘ short story collection Carry You has been reviewed in Story366. In this review of Carry You, Michael Czyzniejewski considers high stakes and moral courses of action, noting Glori Simmons’ ability to carefully trace the lives of her characters. Here’s a small excerpt:

Glori Simmons’ books prove that she’s a super-talented story writer, and pretty eclectic on top of that. Today’s book seems to trace people, and maybe one family more than other, as they navigate the horrors of war, what it does to people before, during, and after. Simmons is comfortable with bad people and bad situations, and of course, that makes for some good fiction.

We’re grateful to Michael Czyzniejewski for his exploration and review of Carry You by Glori Simmons. Read the full review here.

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