Beth Alvarado’s Anxious Attachments reviewed in High Desert Journal

May 14, 2019

We love Ellen Santasiero review of Beth’s Anxious Attachments! She captures what works so well in the essays. Below is a brief excerpt from the review, but we hope you’ll head over to the High Desert Journal to read the entire piece.

I love many things about the essays, but a few things stand out in particular. First, Alvarado’s frequent references to mystery, whether through folk tales, stories of otherworldliness, or, most especially, dreams. These mysteries and Alvarado’s imaginative engagement with them give her—and readers—a world full of meaning and redemption from and for a dangerous world that is never very far away. To wit, the Tucson of her young adulthood, we learn, is a town “ringed by missiles where planes like dark predators were circling overhead.”

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