Anomaly reviewed Sherrie Flick’s Thank Your Lucky Stars

Check out Cheyenne Heckermann's review "Sherrie Flick’s 'Thank Your Lucky Stars' for More Hope"

September 7, 2018

Below is a brief excerpt from the newest review of Sherrie Flick’s Thank Your Lucky Stars. The review was originally published on September 7, 2018. To read the full review, visit their site here.

Struggling with work, relationships, heartbreak, and romance? It’s all in Sherrie Flick’s “Thank Your Lucky Stars,” a short short fiction collection with all of that sprinkled with humor and a cowboy on top for good measure. There’s a wide range: married couples, parents and children, new relationships, students, mourning families, and rebellious children. In between are many stories that read like poetry, images of people in cities or insects at night that roll from hilarity to solemnity in the span of a sentence.

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