Andrea Hollander’s Blue Mistaken for Sky receives another great review!

Andrea Hollander's Blue Mistaken for Sky was reviewed by Grace Cavalieri

August 29, 2018

Below is Grace Cavalieri’s review of Andrea Hollander’s newest poetry collection in The Washington Independent Review of Books. The review was originally published on August 15, 2018. To read her full review, visit here.

We hear Hollander through the language she’s mastered. We notice she’s created the best possible titles for her poems an art where few excel. We love her pathos and the truth of it. Each poem is an entirety, with reverent detail, tailored to hold emotion. The impact is sometimes unwanted, because it ramifies the credibility of the heart; and so it’s not without pain. The dignity of craft provides seamless control. Then there is the integration of sound and movement, color and sight. Some days, I think that hope is such a long way away, and then I read a poet like this — and life is in full gear. The book means so much to me. And will be saved to read again.

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