32 Poems Reviews “Wild Yeast” from Cherene Sherrard’s Grimoire

July 7, 2021

Grimoire Front CoverWe’re excited to share that 32 Poems recently reviewed “Wild Yeast,” a poem from Grimoire, Cherene Sherrard‘s second full-length collection. Reviewer Austin Segrest closely examines and reflects on Sherrard’s themes and how she works with the words of poets who came before her:

‘Wild Yeast’ makes us think of all the binaries, all the hierarchical reinforcements that have kept cookbooks out of the temple of poetry. Never mind that no words, genius or otherwise, are getting written without food, without that someone or someones doing the cooking; never mind the cleaning, the childbearing and rearing.
These days I marvel at homemade loaves. Nor do I wonder anymore about Mom’s freezer back in the day, overflowing with bags of bread. I’ve taken to calling bread magic (Grimoire means a book of spells), and sometimes think that bread is the tenor, rather than the vehicle, of religion, of incarnation.
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