The Song of the Horse
Samuel Hazo


ISBN: 978-1-932870-21-3

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“Can days of making sense/of days that make no sense/make sense?”; Sam Hazo asks in an early poem. This generous and wide ranging selection of his poetry is its own affirmative answer. Mr. Hazo, who as Director The International Poetry Forum has already given so much to the reading community, gives once again.

Linda Pastan

Samuel Hazo’s new book brings us once again, in poem after poem, the flow of thought in a lively mind. His work is meditative and yet, because of its humane warmth and wit, it seems continually shared. I enjoy the variety of his sentences as they move in the best sort of broken-field running, down the page…. It is good to have this fresh selction of Hazo new and old.

Richard Wilbur