She Heads into the Wilderness
Anne Marie Macari


ISBN: 978-1-932870-24-4

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Our world needs poetry that can speak openly of body and spirit—their desire to live. It needs poetry that can speak to our difficult time about our cohabitation with nature. She Heads into the Wilderness is an important book as well as a beautiful one. It is populated by beasts, insects, birds, human children and men, growing-and-dying things, and among them walks an open-eyed woman who happens to be a gifted poet. Is she our foremother Eve? Yes and no, no and yes. Read her words. Walk alongside her. Line by line, phrase by phrase, take pleasure and wisdom from Anne Marie Macari’s radiant poems.

–Alicia Ostriker

Whether it is within the context of homo sapiens’ tragic evolution into our place of dominion over the earth that we have so profoundly abused, or our expulsion from the mythic garden, Anne Marie Macari goes way beyond bemoaning our collective lack of grace, or participating in fancy theorizing: This is a book of informed and original intellectual engagement with the world’s many layers, and of complex spiritual response—but most importantly it is a book driven by blind love for the world we are both a part of, and apart from.

Jane Mead