Peter Never Came
Ashley Cowger


Winner of the 2010
Autumn House Fiction Prize,
selected by Sharon Dilworth
ISBN: 978-1-932870-46-6

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Ashley Cowger writes about childhood with a striking blend of cynicism and innocence. Each piece surprises in its fresh approach, its recasting of fairytales and childhood memories into fresh new shapes — a wonderfully realized debut by a young writer on the rise.

–David Crouse


This finely crafted set of stories steers us through the disturbed waters where childhood and adulthood converge. Here we encounter children pushed headlong into adulthood, and adults holding fast to childhood, engrossing characters caught up in the stories that they tell themselves or that others force onto them. There’s no cuteness here. Rather, this collection presents an engrossing exploration of what maturity might truly mean.

–Gerri Brightwell