Dear Good Naked Morning
Ruth L. Schwartz


Winner of the 2004
Autumn House Poetry Prize,
selected by Alicia Ostriker
ISBN: 978-1-932870-03-9

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Dear Good Naked Morning follows Adam Zagajewski’s admonishment, “Try to praise the mutilated world.” Poem after poem here, beginning with the naked bravery of the title, caused my eyes to open wide, my breath to catch, made me shout aloud with delight at some fresh excess of insight, some dazzling flicker of truth, some spurt of living metaphor, some wild phrase of music. Here is an homage to our beautiful failures; for once, then, as another poet said — for once, then something.

–Alicia Ostriker

Ruth L. Schwartz writes with consummate passion, precision and honesty of the raw hungers that give rise to the world.

–Jane Hirschfield

Ruth L. Schwartz will settle for nothing less than the essential. Her passionate poems are alive to the vulnerability of the body, the daily possibility of joy, and the deep struggle not only to make sense of, but to affirm the world.

–Mark Doty