Attention Please Now
Matthew Pitt


Winner of the 2009
Autumn House Fiction Prize,
selected by Sharon Dilworth
ISBN 978-1-932870-37-4

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Winner of the 2009 Autumn House Fiction Contest, selected by Sharon Dilworth

The central characters of these remarkable stories are oddly ordinary and inordinately odd: that is to say, they are each uniquely qualified to speak for life outside of fiction. Pitt allows them to build the worlds they inhabit from their very particular understandings of what life is, thus endowing their narratives with unpredictable outcomes, and startlingly unexpected revelations along the way. Attention Please Now is a collection possessed of a genuine fictional beauty.
Chuck Wachtel

A remarkable debut by a brilliant young writer.
Brian Morton

The world in these taut, finely wrought stories is and is not the world we know. Pitt pushes his characters to the edge of the possible with a fabulist’s eye for the strange, potent detail and the realist’s sure grasp of human emotion. A piquant, funny, original debut.
Rachel Pastan