Amazing Yoga: A Practical Guide to Strength, Wellness, and Spirit
Sean and Karen Conley


ISBN 978-1-932870-42-8



When the student is ready, this book will appear. Sean and Karen’s inspiring journey from the National Football League to parenthood to opening a yoga studio is both practical and whimsical. In this tale of unintended consequences and everyday epiphanies, their lives become yoga, even as yoga becomes their lives. Yours will too.

Dave Stringer


A delight! In this accessible and congenial book, Karen and Sean draw from a variety of sources to give readers a practical and hands- on understanding of yoga, sharing its potential as a tool for greater self-knowledge and happiness in all areas of life.

Natasha Rizopoulos


Sean and Karen light it up with an inspiring read that makes the connection from yoga on the mat to yoga as a way of life!

Baron Baptiste