Nonfiction Contest

Guidelines for the 2018 Autumn House Nonfiction Contest

For the 2018 contest, the preliminary judges are members of the Autumn House staff, and the final judge is Daisy Hernández. The winner will be awarded publication of a full-length manuscript and $2,500. The submission period opens January 1, 2018 and closes June 30, 2018 (Eastern Time). If you have any questions, please check our FAQs page!

  • The winner will receive book publication, $1,000 advance against royalties, and a $1,500 travel/publicity grant to promote their book.
  • All finalists will be considered for publication.
  • Nonfiction submissions should be approximately 200-300 pages. All nonfiction subjects (including personal essays, memoirs, travel writing, historical narratives, nature or science writing…) or any combination of subjects are eligible.
  • Contest results will be announced on our website
  • Please don’t include your name anywhere on the actual MS. Include your name and contact info in the “cover letter” section of Submittable as well as a brief bio. Feel free to include a TOC.
  • We no longer accept paper submissions.


Year Author Title Judge
2017 Dickson Lam Paper Sons Alison Hawthorne Deming
2016 Katherine McCord RUN SCREAM UNBURY SAVE Michael Martone
2015 Harrison Candelaria Fletcher Presentimiento Dinty W. Moore
2014 Jill Kandel So Many Africas Dinty W. Moore
2013 Adam Patric Miller A Greater Monster Phillip Lopate
2012 Clifford Thompson Love for Sale and Other Essays Phillip Lopate