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The Working Poet: 75 Writing Exercises and a Poetry Anthology, Edited by Scott Minar

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ISBN (paperback): 978-1-932870-32-9

About the Book
A compendium of writing exercises, discussions of craft and form, writing prompts, and sample poems, intended to help practicing poets sharpen their skills. Over 100 poets and teachers have contributed to this volume, including Sheryl St. Germain, Philip Terman, Anne Marie Macari, Richard Jackson, Pen Pearson, Andrea Hollander Budy, Terrance Hayes, Sue Ellen Thompson, Patricia Jabbeh Wesley, Robert Gibb, Jo McDougall, Martha Silano, Elizabeth Robinson, Susan Ludvigson, Robin Becker, Lawrence Raab, Ilya Kaminsky, Ed Ochester, and Ada Limon.

About the Editor
Scott Minar is the author of The Body’s Fire (Clarellen 2002) and The Palace of Reasons (Mammoth Books 2006) and the co-author, with Edward Dougherty, of Exercises for Poets: Double Bloom (Prentice Hall 2007). He is a professor of literature and writing at Ohio University Lancaster.