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Keeping the Wolves at Bay: Stories by Emerging American Writers, Edited by Sharon Dilworth

Keeping the Wolves at Bay by Sharon Dilworth

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ISBN (paperback): 978-1-932870-41-1

About the Book
Jennifer Bannan, Keith Banner, Monica Bergers, Jane Bernstein, David Busis, Marjorie Celona, Katie Chase, Jason England, Sherrie Flick, Kevin Gonzalez, Diane Goodman, Derek Green, Honorée Fanonne Jeffers, Samuel Ligon, William Lychack, Andrew Malan Milward, Dustin Parsons, Matthew Pitt, Donald Ray Pollock, Casey Taylor:

These are the writers in Autumn House Press’ first anthology of short fiction. The writers, some well published with collections of their own, some newer to the literary scene, present stories that celebrate the boundless imagination and energy of the contemporary short story. The narrative premises are varied, always original. They sweep the grand landscape of an ever-changing world like the trio of expatriates negotiating the perplexing foreignness of the world in which they work in Derek Green’s “Samba.” The stories also focus on under-represented voices such as the young woman from California who is asked by her employers to maintain the quality of life of their dead golden retriever. There is the overweight transvestite keeping the peace in Keith Banner’s “Winners Never Sleep,” and the postal worker hoping for love in Casey Taylor’s “Calvary,” and the delusional chef who is forced to confront her lover’s infidelity in Diane Goodman’s “Beloved.”

Keeping the Wolves at Bay reminds us that reading stories is an affirmation that life, no matter how difficult, is always fascinating.

About the Editor
Sharon Dilworth, the fiction editor of Autumn House Press, is the author of two short story collections, Women Drinking Benedictine and The Long White (Iowa Award for Short Fiction, 1988). Her new novel, On the Street Where We Live, will be released in the Fall of 2010. She is Associate Professor of Creative Writing at Carnegie Mellon University, and for ten years she served as fiction editor for CMU Press.